Veneers & Teeth Whitening in Marrero, LA

Teeth whitening has become an extremely popular procedure for people as the importance of a bright smile in daily life has become more well known.

It is ideal for people who have healthy teeth, but may have some yellow tones from use. The cosmetic procedure is widely available, but only recommended for some patients. There are many at home teeth whitening systems, including strips, tooth paste, and bleaches. However, none of the at home methods can compare to the whitening products that are obtained by a dentist.

Veneers are super thin shells that are installed onto teeth. They can improve the aesthetics of a tooth, building the structure and making the tooth stronger.

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What are Veneers?

Veneers are directly installed onto teeth or can be indirectly built by a technician and then installed onto the tooth. Materials like porcelain are the best method to get teeth to reflect light and shine. Veneers are an important tool in any dental office’s capabilities. They can restore a single tooth at a time, or a few at once. When it comes to repairing the aesthetic value of teeth, veneers are very effective. They can be used on teeth that are discolored, or on multiple teeth to create the “Hollywood” style teeth makeover. Many people have smaller teeth due to dental and orthodontic procedures, so veneers can be installed to make their teeth larger. Veneer can be applied to teeth that will not whiten with regular procedures.

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Why not just use over the counter whitening strips?

If you can whiten teeth at home, why would you go to a dentist? Dentists can provide a stronger bleaching agent because they are professionals. The stronger concentration can create a stronger and longer lasting effect. Additionally the methods that dentists use are safer and cleaner than at home methods. The dentists and assistants provide protective measures so to be sure not to get any chemicals or agents on your skin or clothing, a common accident while utilizing at-home procedures.

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