Six Month Smiles in Marrero, Louisiana

Marrero invisible bracesMillions of adults are self-conscious of their smile. This can be a detriment to their looks, style, personal life and career. Even worse, many feel they have no opportunity to fix it without wearing embarrassing braces for an unknowable amount of time. But now there is a solution to this problem, invisible braces.

Meet Six Month Smiles! Finally, an opportunity for adults to fix a smile that may have bothered you for years. It’s safe, affordable, and best of all, effective. They are also nearly invisible braces, meaning you don’t have to be worried even during the few months you’ll be wearing the braces.

Ready to Improve Your Smile with Invisible Braces in Only Six Months?

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Have a few questions? Here’s the most common ones we hear:

How much do the invisible braces cost?

Fill out the form on our contact page to get more information about how much the invisible braces cost, and what insurance covers invisible braces.  Our affordable braces for adults work great!

Does insurance cover braces?

Depending on the type of insurance that you have, you may be fully covered.

6 months isn’t very long! Will this actually work?
Yes, we utilize the latest dentistry technology available. In addition, our primary focus is on improving the teeth that show when you smile, allowing us to significantly improve that look quickly.

Is this procedure safe?
Yes, the methods we use have been tested and are incredibly safe. It’s even considered more comfortable than regular braces, and doesn’t have any more risks of root damage than traditional orthodontics. Because these methods utilize less “force” than traditional braces, there’s actually fewer risks.

Will I have a mouth full of metal for six months?
Of course not! Your smile will be beautiful afterwards, but we wouldn’t want it bad for even just a half-year. Six Month Smiles utilizes small, minimally sized clear braces that are barely visible to the naked eye. No one will notice unless you tell them how excited you are about the procedure.

If you have other questions, our dentist will be able to answer them in person after you schedule your appointment via the form on this page!
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