Tooth Colored Fillings in Marrero, Louisiana

restorative dentistry

If your dentists needs to restore a decayed tooth, you may want to ask about tooth colored fillings. Any surface area where a filling will be noticed may be a great location for tooth colored filling. They’re made from resin composites blended to match the color of existing teeth.

Tooth colored fillings blend with surrounding teeth and enhance a bright, youthful appearance. No one will notice they’re there – including you!

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Why Get Tooth Colored Fillings?

One very common procedure, fillings, can be conducted in various manners. Whether it’s silver, gold, or composite – there are different methods of accomplishing the same task. When it comes to looking and feeling great, restorative dentistry has a minimal impact to appearance. Additionally, Tooth colored fillings are the most common and appropriate. Friends, family and business associates may notice gold or silver, or other materials in your mouth. Stay professional with under the radar procedures such as tooth colored fillings.

What is a Tooth Colored Filling?

These cosmetic fillings provide great durability and resistance to stress when installed. They are often matched to your exact tooth color, to keep you looking and feeling great.

How can tooth restoration help me?

They provide resistance to cracking or fracturing in small and mid sized fillings. Not only are they extremely durable, but also are created to actively provide support from the constant pressure of chewing. Mitigating pain when chewing is the main objective.

Where are they installed?

Fillings can be installed in both the back molars as well as the front incisors. The tooth color of the fillings is perfect for people who prefer more natural looking fillings on any tooth.

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