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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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Who Needs Avondale Oral Surgery?

Although dentists can handle many typical problems associated with your teeth, more intricate care requires a more skilled touch. When procedures in the mouth require extensive work, an oral surgeon is usually enlisted to help. These surgeons are fully trained to operate on the mouth, making them the go-to experts for mouth procedures. However, do you know what an oral surgeon actually does? These are the five most common reasons people seek out Avondale oral surgery.

1. Impacted Teeth

When your teeth become impacted, you know immediately that something is wrong. This occurs when new teeth do not have enough room to grow in properly. Instead, these teeth essentially get stuck in your gums. Even if you can live with the swelling and the pain, impacted teeth are at risk for infection and numerous other complications. This is why an oral surgeon will remove the impacted teeth. The most common teeth to become impacted are the wisdom teeth. These are the last teeth to come in for most people, which means they are the teeth most likely to run out of space. However, any tooth can become impacted if the conditions are right. The risk of becoming impacted is a major reason why most people have their wisdom teeth out preemptively.

2. Dental Implants

Although your dentist can provide various solutions for tooth loss, a more permanent option is an implant. Dental implants are used to replace missing or damaged teeth. Instead of providing a simple cap to disguise the issue, dental implants create a new, permanent tooth. This is done by anchoring the tooth into the jaw, providing a secure base for your new tooth. The process must be completed over the course of several months in order to make sure the gum and jaw have sufficient time to heal between each part of the procedure. The process may be quite involved, but dental implants are the best solution for permanent tooth replacement.

3. Facial Injury or Infection

While most people associate oral surgeons with teeth, oral surgeons can address other issues as well. If you have a facial injury, you may need an oral surgeon to fix the delicate bones in that area. Oral surgeons may also be consulted during a cleft palate repair. Some people visit an oral surgeon if they have an infection in the face. An oral surgeon is trained to handle such problems, draining any infected area. You may also get infected teeth removed by an oral surgeon in order to prevent the issue from spreading. If you have an abnormal growth in your mouth or jaw, an oral surgeon can remove some or all of it for further testing.

4. Jaw Issues

There are also jaw issues that may necessitate the care of an oral surgeon. If your jaw is growing unevenly, you may need to have it corrected to prevent problems. There are also various joint disorders that can affect the jaw. Some of these conditions cause pain while eating, and they may even cause headaches or other neurological symptoms. Moreover, a good oral surgeon may also be able to help prepare your jaw for dentures. In some cases, patients may need surgery to make the mouth more compatible with their new teeth.

5. Snoring

As strange as it sounds, an oral surgeon could even help you with your snoring problem. When conservative treatments fail to correct problems with snoring or sleep apnea, the oral surgeon can carefully remove excess tissue at the back of the throat or in the jaw. These measures may be somewhat extreme, but for those who suffer from serious risks while sleeping, they can be very important.

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