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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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Dental Restoration in New Orleans

Are you afraid to smile? Missing or decayed teeth sometimes make people feel self-conscious, as if they need to hide behind closed lips. In the past, people were forced to live with dental problems that were unsightly and painful. Luckily, Southern Dental Care provides dental restoration in New Orleans and can turn that situation around easily. Think your smile is beyond saving? Think again and see the various ways dental professionals can help you restore your teeth’s appearance and oral comfort.

Decayed Teeth

Decayed teeth can progress into a great deal of pain and eventual loss of the tooth. Tooth decay has far more serious ramifications than cosmetic concerns. Decayed, infected teeth and gums lead to inflammation which can progress throughout the body, leading to heart disease and strokes. If your dentist needs to fill a tooth, you may consider fillings that match your tooth color perfectly. Once the decayed tooth is filled it will look just like the teeth around it.

Root Canals

Root canals have gotten some bad press. But remember, years ago teeth that had decay in the pulp were extracted, leaving a gap in the gum. Today Southern Dental Care can provide gentle, pain-free root canal treatment that restores a tooth to its original strength, appearance and function.


Some teeth are strong, but they are stained, small or have a gap in front. Veneers are like a cosmetic refresher for the teeth. Veneers are attached to the existing teeth, appearing as a different and more appealing tooth shape and color.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth were once simply a part of growing older. Missing teeth were considered normal. Certainly a person can survive without teeth, but proper nourishment remains an issue, not to mention an altered appearance. It is important to restore missing teeth. When a tooth is lost, the rest of the teeth shift sideways into the gap left by the missing tooth. This leads to gum disease and decay of the rest of the teeth. A partial denture, which can be removed for cleaning, works well for missing teeth. The partial blends perfectly with the natural teeth. A bridge is another option. A bridge requires some consultation with the dentist at Southern Dental Care to determine the best bridge for you.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most natural choice for missing tooth replacement. They are supported by posts surgically implanted in the jaw, so receiving implants is a process towards perfection! They are a very effective and long-lasting way to replace missing teeth and regain a beautiful smile.

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