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How Many Different Types of Dentists are There?

Dentistry has come a long way since its early days. Today, patients can receive skilled treatment from a variety of dental specialists. Whether you need dental surgery, extractions, crowns, or tooth cleaning, a highly trained, caring professional is available to help you enjoy the highest level of oral care. Learn more about caring for your dental needs with the help of the professionals at Southern Dental Care.

General Dentist

General dentists can provide a wide variety of dental services, such as teeth cleaning, filling cavities, diagnostic x-rays, extractions and repairs of broken or loose teeth. Many general dentists also provide cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of teeth, such a bleaching, veneers and bonding. General dentists can also provide health and nutritional advice for patients with medical conditions.

Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists are professionals that receive specialized training in the care and treatment of children’s teeth from infancy to the teen years. These dentists can provide the special behavioral handling and education that children require to promote good oral care throughout their lives.


Endodontists treat the structures deep within the tooth. These dentists generally do root canal treatments that can save teeth that have been damaged by disease or injury.


Orthodontists specialize in the straightening of misaligned teeth, with correction of overbites, underbites, cross-bites and other alignment problems.


Dentists who specialize in problems of the gum tissue are called periodontists. These specialists provide deep cleaning, scaling of teeth below the gum line and surgically tightening the gum tissue around the base of teeth. Periodontists can also provide dental implants to replace missing teeth and provide stability for prosthetic teeth.


Prosthodontists specialize in the replacement of broken or lost teeth with a variety of treatments that can help restore attractive smiles, including veneers, fixed bridges, dental implants and dentures. They are trained to provide an overall favorable appearance of the patient’s smile.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Some dental professionals go on to become oral and maximlofacial surgeons by completing a medical residency program that prepares them to do surgery. These specialists correct problems of the hard tissue of the mouth and jaw, as well as the soft tissue of the face, in relationship to good dental care. They can do wisdom tooth extraction, setting of dental implants and correction of bite problems.

Here at Southern Dental Care, we strive to teach our patients as much as we can about oral health. We believe in providing the best dental service to our patients so they feel comfortable in our office. If you would have more questions about your oral health or different kinds of dentists, please contact our office at 504-347-1014 to schedule an appointment!