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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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Estelle Wisdom Tooth Removal with T.L.C.

When someone hears that they need to get their wisdom teeth extracted, it is quite common to hear a groan afterward. This is because wisdom teeth removal is known as something unpleasant, and this is deservedly so. However, getting through the process is not too difficult. It helps to know more about it to calm your fears. Here is a look at the process of how Southern Dental Care takes care of unpleasant Estelle wisdom tooth removal with a lot of T.L.C.

The Reason for the Removal

One of the first questions patients who face wisdom teeth extraction ask is why they need to have it done in the first place. Wisdom teeth were once needed when humans had to do lots of chewing prior to the advent of cooking. Now that we have been processing our food for tens of thousands of years, our jaws are becoming smaller. A side effect of this is that there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to come in at the back of the jaw.

A wisdom tooth that is unable to come completely through the gum is known as an impacted tooth. When this happens, there can be many unpleasant side effects like gum disease, infections, crooked teeth, swelling and pain while chewing. Therefore, the wisdom teeth are commonly removed if it seems like they will be a problem.

Process of Wisdom Tooth Removal

The expert staff at Southern Dental Care makes sure to practice tender loving care in every aspect of wisdom tooth removal. This starts with offering an option of general anesthetic or nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. The general anesthetic is much stronger and will leave patients groggy for several hours after the procedure. The nitrous oxide is much mellower and wears off quickly. However, patients will be aware of what is going on because nitrous oxide will leave them conscious but numb. If nitrous oxide is not necessary, a local anesthetic will be applied to the mouth and the wisdom teeth will be removed while the patient is awake.

Either way, the procedure will be over quickly. Within a couple of hours, you will be ready to leave. It is best to have someone there to drive you as you will still likely feel the effects of the anesthetic.


There will be some pain and possibly swelling during the two or three days following wisdom teeth removal. This can be treated with Tylenol and prescription pain medication. Recovery should be complete within a week of the surgery.

A liquid diet needs to be followed the first 24 hours after wisdom tooth surgery. For the next four or five days, patients will need to limit themselves to soft foods like mashed potatoes, oatmeal and ice cream. Eating as much ice cream as you like is one of the best things about getting your wisdom teeth removed.

Getting your wisdom teeth out does not have to be unbearable. Put yourself in the expert hands of the staff at Southern Dental Care to experience tender loving care. We take the time to make sure that your experience of wisdom teeth removal goes as smoothly as possible. We take pride in offering the town of Estelle wisdom tooth removal services that are affordable and professional.

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