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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Lafitte Endodontics Defined

What are “endodontists”? These specialized dentists undergo additional training related to dental pulp, the soft tissue that is present inside the root canal beneath a tooth’s enamel and dentin. Endodontists study normal as well as diseased or injured dental pulp in order to best serve patients who may suffer from issues relating to their dental pulp. The endodontic procedure you are most likely to be familiar with is endodontic therapy, better known as root canal therapy.

If you come to Southern Dental Care for Lafitte endodontics, one of our dentists with advanced endodontic training can help you to prevent, diagnose, or treat your dental pulp problems. Read about our most common endodontic services below.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy can be used to treat infected or inflamed dental pulp. The root canal procedure removes and replaces the affected dental pulp with materials that seal off the root canal from its supporting structures. Often, a patient will require a dental crown or filling to restore and protect the tooth that underwent root canal. The good news is that root canal therapy can save a badly damaged tooth from extraction.

Wondering whether you need a root canal? If you are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, swollen or tender gums, darkened or discolored teeth or gums, or painful sores or lumps on your gums, then it’s possible you require a root canal. It is also possible to need root canal therapy without noticing or experiencing any symptoms. Read more about root canals here.

Additional Lafitte Endodontics

Southern Dental Care offers more than just root canal therapy as part of our Lafitte endodontics. In addition, we provide:

  • Endodontic retreatment, also known as repeat root canal treatment
  • Treatment for cracked teeth
  • Treatment for dental trauma

Whether you already require endodontic treatment or you feel perfectly fine, the best way to protect yourself and your teeth is to attend regular dental examinations and make sure you contact us if something looks or feels off about your teeth, gums, or mouth. Our dental office is located at 7301 Westbank Expressway in Marrero just a short drive away from Lafitte.