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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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Find Marrero’s Best Teeth Whitening Specialists

Teeth whitening is a procedure that is growing in popularity since it is simple and painless. In-office teeth whitening is even more effective than over-the-counter kits, so if you’re ready to try it, Marrero’s best teeth whitening specialists are at Southern Dental Care and are ready to serve you.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that lessens discoloration of the teeth. Using high-powered bleach and lights or heat, dentists safely and painlessly remove stains from their patients’ teeth. The procedure may have to be repeated more than once for maximum results.

Why Do My Teeth Need to be Whitened?

Many people choose to whiten their teeth because of stains that have built up over time. Some feel self-conscious about their smiles and hope whiter teeth will increase their confidence. A few reasons teeth change colors over time are:

  • Drinks: Favorite drinks like coffee and red wine stain teeth and leave them shades darker.
  • Age: As we get older, our teeth get darker. Blame it on dentin, the softer material under our tooth enamel that starts to show when we brush away our enamel.
  • Smoking: There are a million reasons not to smoke, but if you need one more think about your teeth. Tobacco, whether smoked or chewed, stains teeth.

Why Can’t I Use Over-the-Counter Whiteners?

Technically, you can. However, there are many advantages to in-office whitening, including the following:

  • Faster Results

Due to dentists’ ability to use stronger gels safely and combine them with light or heat treatments when needed, patients will see much faster results with in-office whitening.

  • Safety

While over-the-counter whitening options are available for everyone to purchase, not every person needs to use them. Working with a dentist helps ensure you’re a good candidate for this procedure. Plus, dentists go to a lot of trouble to protect the roots of your teeth, so the chance of pain lessens.

  • Personalized

Your teeth whitening experience doesn’t end in the dentist’s chair. You will be sent home with a gel for your teeth and customized trays to use in your mouth. This is much more comfortable than the one-size-fits-all trays offered with over-the-counter products.

Who is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Whether you will be a good candidate for teeth whitening depends on the reason your teeth are discolored. If the main cause of discoloration is food, drinks, or tobacco, this option may work.

Those who were exposed to certain medications or chemicals during the formation of their teeth need to talk to their dentist to find out beforehand if teeth whitening will benefit them. Some stains are more resistant to whitening than others.

People who have experienced oral sensitivity to heat or cold also need to talk to their dentist before starting any whitening procedures. While there are still options for those with hypersensitivity, they may differ from the in-office procedures.

How Long Do Teeth Stay White After The In-Office Procedure?

Teeth will become discolored again, but that could take a couple of years or longer to happen. One way to protect the investment you’ve made in your teeth is to make sure you don’t use tobacco and try to drink tea, coffee, and red wine in moderation. Taking care of your overall oral health is also important, and brushing and flossing go a long way in helping your teeth look their best.

Are There Other In-Office Whitening Options?

Veneers offer another option for whiter teeth. Veneers, usually made from porcelain, are perfect for individuals who have hard-to-remove stains or who only need a couple of teeth whitened. They are put over teeth that are discolored or damaged, and they offer a flawless smile.

Marrero’s best teeth whitening specialists at Southern Dental Care are waiting for you to come and discuss your teeth whitening options. You can trust these professionals to be honest, helpful, and informed. If you’ve been dreaming of a whiter smile, contact Southern Dental Care today!