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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Learn more about how your Marrero bridges experts can help you!

Do I Need a Bridge?

Bridges are a great way to restore your smile, aid your ability to chew or speak and help maintain the shape of your mouth and face. Our dental bridge experts want to help you increase your confidence in your smile! Any of the following scenarios could make you a good candidate for a bridge:

  • You are self-conscious in your smile because of broken or missing teeth.
  • missing or broken tooth has lead to a misshapen face.
  • You want to better distribute your bite by replacing missing teeth.
  • You have lost or broken a tooth, making it difficult to properly chew and speak.
  • Replacing missing teeth will prevent your remaining teeth from moving out of position.

Bridges are often a dentist-preferred method of restoring teeth due to their affordability and ease to install. 

How Do Bridges Work?

As your Marrero bridges experts, we are here to help explain what bridges can do for you. Bridges are often a temporary option to bridge the gaps created by one or more missing teeth. This treatment is often grouped together with crowns and veneers, all of which provide an attractive and permanent fix for patients with damaged or missing teeth.

Dental bridges are made up of one or two crowns which sit on either side of the gap created by a missing tooth. The natural teeth or implants that support bridges are called abutment teeth and create the borders of where the false tooth is placed.

In order to install a bridge, our experienced team must first prepare your abutment teeth through recontouring by removing a portion of enamel. This will allow the crown to be placed over the abutment teeth. Next, we will make impressions of your teeth, and make a temporary bridge to protect the now-exposed teeth and gums while the bridge is being made. During your second office visit, your temporary bridge will be removed and the new bridge will be adjusted to achieve a proper fit. Depending on the patient, we may install the bridge with temporary cement to ensure proper fit before having you return a third time to cement the bridge into place. 

Get Your Marrero Bridges

The best part about bridges is they blend in exceptionally well with real teeth! They are also long lasting with a typical lifespan of over 10 years when coupled with good oral hygiene. Read more about the benefits of bridges in our blog, and contact Southern Dental today about getting your own dental bridge.