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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Our Marrero Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking for cosmetic dentistry services in Marrero? You’re in luck! Southern Dental Care boasts a full offering of services that can improve your appearance.

If you’re happy with the size and shape of your teeth but want to add some sparkle to your smile, we recommend our teeth whitening services. Our patients have the option of getting in-office treatments, where our professionals can treat you with a stronger product, or getting take-home kits. Unlike over-the-counter products, which can prove ineffective or even harmful, Southern Dental Care’s take-home kits allow you to safely perform teeth whitening from the comfort of your home.

On the other hand, if you suffer from small, misshapen, worn, chipped, or broken teeth, then veneers may be the appropriate solution for you. Veneers are thin shells customized to permanently fit over teeth in order to:

  • Give you a whiter smile
  • Close gaps in your teeth
  • Restore the appearance of missized, deformed, or damaged teeth

Learn more about veneers by reading the information published by the American Dental Association or by contacting Southern Dental Care.

Additional Southern Dental Care Services

In addition to teeth whitening and veneers, Southern Dental Care provides a variety of other services that can enhance your appearance:

  • Tooth replacementMissing teeth can negatively impact your appearance and self esteem. Our dental implants, bridges, full dentures, and partial dentures can replace your lost or severely damaged teeth.
  • Orthodontics — Our Six Month Smiles program provides patients with straighter teeth in six months or less! We use clear brackets to keep your braces as inconspicuous as possible for the short time you will need them.
  • Botox® — Minimize the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles with Botox®! This procedure might also be appropriate for those struggling with chronic migraines, an overactive bladder, or excessive sweating.

Don’t hesitate to contact Southern Dental Care for help determining which treatment is best for you.

Marrero Cosmetic Dentistry Office

Our Marrero cosmetic dentistry office is conveniently located at 7301 Westbank Expressway. Although we are based in Marrero, we are happy to serve the entire greater New Orleans area. If you need restorative or cosmetic dental services, please call us at 504-347-1014 or contact us online at your convenience.