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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Who Needs Marrero Oral Surgery?

Dentists can usually handle most typical dental problems through fairly simple treatment. However, if you are experiencing a more serious problem that requires intricate treatment, an oral surgeon may need to be recruited to help. Oral surgeons are fully trained to perform any mouth-related procedure, making them experts in face, mouth and jaw surgery. Some of the most common reasons people seek out Marrero oral surgery include:

Tooth Loss

Southern Dental Care offers a variety of solutions to your problems of tooth loss. Dental implants are a popular option for tooth loss due to an accident or infection. We also provide bridge, crown, veneer, and denture services to provide you with a variety of tooth-replacement options. Read more to figure out which tooth-loss solution is best for you. Your doctors will work with you to find the best solution to fit your needs.

Facial Injury or Infection

While most people associate oral surgeons with teeth, oral surgeons can address other issues as well. If you have a facial injury, you may need an oral surgeon to fix the delicate bones in that area. Cleft palate repair may also necessitate a consultation with an oral surgeon. Some people visit an oral surgeon if they have an infection in the face. Oral surgeons have trained extensively to handle such problems and are able to drain any infected area. Oral surgeons can also remove infected teeth in order to prevent the issue from spreading. This can include root canal surgeries as well.

Jaw Issues

There are also jaw issues that may necessitate the care of an oral surgeon. If your jaw is growing unevenly, you may need to have it corrected to prevent future problems. Jaw surgery can also be performed to correct jaw irregularities to ensure a better fit for first-time denture wearers. There are also various joint disorders that can affect the jaw. Some of these conditions cause pain while eating, and they may even cause headaches or other neurological symptoms. Corrective jaw treatment, which will probably include orthodontics before and after surgery, may take several years to complete, but offer comprehensive long-term relief to jaw problems.


Though this may be a surprise, an oral surgeon could even help you with your snoring problem. When traditional treatments fail to correct issues with snoring or sleep apnea, an oral surgeon can carefully remove excess tissue at the back of the throat or in the jaw. These measures may be somewhat extreme, but for those who suffer from serious risks while sleeping, they can be very important.

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