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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Finding a reputable dentist in The Big Easy shouldn’t feel like you’re flossing with a thin steel cable. Ouch. Unfortunately, many dental patients feel like they’re getting a root canal every time they deal with their dentist. And trying to find a professional, reliable dentist can be like pulling teeth.

If you’re searching for an established New Orleans dentist who prioritizes care and offers a range of dental procedures, including many of today’s popular cosmetic treatments, Southern Dental Care can help.

We Want to Help You Make Dental Care a Priority

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 27.4% of people aged 20 to 44 years old in the United States have untreated dental issues, including cavities, gum disease, and even oral cancer.

Cosmetically, yellow, chipped and missing teeth are common complaints.

When you factor in that only 62% of adults aged 18 to 64 have had a dental visit in the last 12 months, it’s alarming to note how many Americans subject themselves to an increased risk of experiencing a dental emergency.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, contact us immediately for a checkup:

  • Mouth sores that easily bleed and don’t heal
  • Numbness, tenderness or pain in or around the mouth
  • Lumps, bumps or hard spots in or around the mouth
  • Change in how your teeth fit together when biting

A Qualified Team with a Quality Track Record

At Southern Dental Care, our staff of dentists and technicians is experienced at providing a high standard of care to every patient we treat. From the initial consultation through the recovery process, we take pride in ensuring all of our patients are aware and comfortable with every step we take with them at recovering their smiles.

We’re the best dentist office in New Orleans because we are:

  • Passionate about our profession and our position within the Louisiana community
  • Educated by the best dental schools in the state and part of the best dental associations in the country
  • Experienced in a variety of procedures, including everything from Botox and implants to veneers and root canals
  • Proud to provide dental care that places care and compassion first with an emphasis on quality results

Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Teeth at Home

Preventative dental care is the number-one way to prevent tooth decay, infections and other problems with your teeth. While we recommend visiting us at least once per year for a complete oral examination, which helps us catch minor dental issues before they become major problems, we also urge you to take care of your dental health at home.

Here are some of our easy tips for taking care of your teeth at home.

  • Use dental products that contain fluoride
  • Brush your teeth twice daily and floss weekly as a healthy dental habit
  • Use mouthwashes regularly freshen breath, maintain color and fight cavities
  • Stop smoking and using other tobacco products
  • Stay away from snacks that are high in sugar* and eat a balanced diet

If you’re in need of a New Orleans dentist you can trust with your smile, contact Southern Dental Care today. We’re happy to residents in Louisiana repair and brighten theirs one visit at a time. Give our office a call at 504-347-1014 or fill out the Make Your Own Appointment form to the right of this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

*According to the American Heart Association, you shouldn’t eat more than 150 calories of added sugars per day if you’re a male or 100 calories per day if you’re a female or 9 teaspoons for men and 6 teaspoons for women.