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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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New Orleans Dentures Procedure

If you are considering dentures, you may be curious about what happens in a New Orleans dentures procedure. There are several ways a dentist can work to replace missing or very unhealthy teeth to give you a healthy smile once again.

Oral Evaluation

First, the dentist will evaluate the health and structure of your teeth and gums. Some teeth may be too broken or damaged by decay to save, and must be extracted. Others may need only fillings or root canals with crowns and bridges. Many people having extensive restoration dentistry work have a combination of these. Your dentist will consider the condition of each tooth to formulate a successful plan of action.

Dental Impressions

Before any teeth that need extracting are removed, the dentist will take a series of impressions. These are made by taking different materials contained within a dental tray, approximately the shape of the upper and lower gums, and putting it within the mouth. There can be minor discomfort from oozing casting material, but it is transient and very minor.


If you need to have extractions before receiving partial or full dentures, your gums will need to heal before permanent dentures can be well-fitted. When teeth are extracted, they can be swollen for a few days. Fitting permanent dentures before healing is complete will result in the base of the dentures not fitting closely to the gums.

Immediate Dentures

Dental appliances called immediate dentures, sometimes termed same-day dentures, can bridge the time between the extraction of teeth and a permanent denture. These are called immediate dentures because they can be placed in the mouth immediately after tooth extractions. They will fit well at first and can be worn while gums are receding to their final shape. They can be adjusted with a process called relining that will add needed surface so that the denture can fit well over the gums.

Permanent Dentures

Eventually, your mouth will change shape to the extent that relining no longer allow your immediate dentures to fit well enough to enable you to speak or eat without the help of denture pastes. This is the time for fitting permanent dentures. Contact us at Southern Dental Care to help you estimate the cost with insurance of your denture procedure.

In all, a New Orleans dentures procedure at Southern Dental Care can be a relatively easy process that leads to a new way of life. An attractive smile, improved speech and ease when eating are just a few of the benefits your can enjoy with your new smile!