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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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Managing Your Need for Denture Repairs

Dentures are more than mere medical devices. For those who use them on a daily basis, they contribute to a higher quality of life and even improved mental wellbeing. Of course, no dental solution is perfect, and when your favorite oral prosthetics wear down, it’s only natural that you’d seek expert denture repair in New Orleans.

While some denture problems are impossible to correct without professional intervention, many can be prevented through proper use and self-care. Keep the following facts in mind to get more from your replacement teeth.

Healthy Upkeep Is Important

What does keeping your mouth clean have to do with repairs? If you fall behind on your oral hygiene, you may develop sore spots and sensitivities. These issues might make it necessary to have your dentures adjusted for a more comfortable fit.

Regular hygiene can also help combat other problems that commonly plague denture wearers. If you’re an older individual, for instance, you most likely have a higher oral bacteria count than you did when you were younger.[1] This puts you in greater danger of oral decay.

Individuals who suffer from xerostomia, or dry mouth, may also be at higher risk of oral infections because they have less saliva to wash bacteria away. Xerostomia is a significant problem for many individuals who rely on prescription medications for various health conditions. It can also contribute to bad breath and gum irritation or make it harder for you to wear your dentures.[2]

Adopt a New Hygiene Regimen

By now, you should realize that wearing dentures means you need to devote more time to your oral health routine. Fortunately, the following simple steps can make the process easier.

Soak at Least Nightly

Overnight soaking is an easy, highly effective denture cleaning method. When performed properly, it can eradicate around 99.9 percent of the harmful microorganisms that inhabit your dentures. Although quick daytime soaks are also helpful, they should only be used to supplement your dentures’ nightly washes.

Brush Morning and Night

It’s also important to clean your dentures using foaming toothpaste and a brush that’s specifically made for the task. The seemingly smooth, polished surfaces that you observe when you examine your dentures actually possess millions of microscopic pores where bacteria can take up residence. Brushing and soaking twice daily can prevent these germs from harming your gums and remaining teeth.

You Can’t Do It Alone

Keeping your full or partial dentures sanitary isn’t the same as cleaning regular teeth or gums. The differences are so stark that researchers writing in the British Dental Journal maintain that denture wearers ought to be provided with special information that’s specific to their oral prostheses.[3]

Whether they replace all of your teeth or only the few that are missing, dentures come in many shapes and varieties. Some may incorporate metal inserts inside your gums or other forms of implants. These distinct technologies demand specific care practices, so it’s important to consult with your dentist on a regular basis.

When Should You Seek Help?

You shouldn’t wait until you’re in pain to visit your New Orleans dentist.[4] Experts recommend a dentures consult with a professional as soon as you notice:

  • Your dentures slipping or growing uncomfortable,
  • Your dentures displaying notable wear and tear,
  • Your dentures clicking as you speak, or
  • Dental problems like irritated gums, bleeding, bad breath or tooth decay.

Stopping by for denture repair and inspection might save you a lot of trouble, especially if it prevents your oral health problems from getting worse. Proactive assessments can also limit the amount of money that you spend on expenses like readjustments and corrective care. To discover the best way to maintain your dentures and protect your oral health, book your Southern Dental Care appointment today.