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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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Why Do Receding Gums Occur?

I brush and floss! Why do I have receding gums?


There are a number of factors involved in gum recession, and they aren’t always due to lack of dental hygiene. Studies tell us that 30 percent of the population is genetically liable to gum disease. Inheritance results in gums that are thin and weak. If you fall into that demographic, you will need to be very diligent to prevent receding gums with frequent checkups at Southern Dental Care.

Zealous Brushing

This sounds like a great idea to keep tooth decay at bay, but sometimes over-brushing can damage gums and force them away from the necks of the teeth. When that happens, bacteria become active around the roots of the teeth, roughening them and causing more recession.


Research has pinpointed more tartar on the teeth of smokers. Smoking causes a decrease in saliva output, which encourages the tartar buildup. Smokers experience five times more bone loss than non-smokers, causing deep pockets in the gums between the teeth. Teeth and gums are subjected to oxygen deprivation from smoking, so they will not look as red and inflamed as the gums of non-smokers, even when gum disease has begun. Chemicals in tobacco interfere with blood flow, so bleeding from gums is not a reliable marker for gum disease in smokers.

Standard Treatment for Gum Recession

If gums are mildly receded, a deep cleaning of the affected area at Southern Dental Care can treat the problem.
Plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth and on the root system below the gum is removed. After the tartar is scaled off, the exposed root will be smoothed to prevent bacteria from reattaching itself. An antibiotic may be given to rid the gums of remaining bacteria.


Sometimes damage is too extensive for a deep cleaning. This means that there is substantial bone loss and pockets between teeth are too deep for a standard treatment to be effective. The dentist will deaden the mouth tissue with an anesthetic. Then the gums will be folded back and the destructive bacteria removed from the deep pockets surrounding the teeth. When the bacteria is removed, the gum tissue is secured into its proper place around the tooth root. When this is done the gum pockets are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Sometimes bone erodes and is destroyed from gum disease. If this is the case, a procedure to restore bone and tissue growth may be implemented. The dentist will fold back the gum as in gum surgery, and apply a regenerative substance, such as tissue-stimulating protein, to prompt the body to naturally grow new bone and tissue. The gum is then secured over the root and tooth.

If you are seeking treatment for receding gums, please call Southern Dental Care for a checkup and consultation. Gum disease can cause loss of bone and teeth. A little TLC from Southern Dental Care can restore your beautiful smile! We will be happy to discuss oral health concerns and other dental services with you at any time. Please call today for an appointment or you can fill out our contact us form for more questions.