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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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Making the Most of Your Dental Implants

Dental implants in New Orleans can be bittersweet. On one hand, of course, you want to have the strongest, healthiest teeth possible. On the other hand, you don’t want to miss one second of the food and drinks that make our city so magical. Assuming you have taken the plunge and gone through the dental implant procedure, the good news is that you are one step closer to a healthier, happier smile. However, you did just undergo minor surgery and there are some important guidelines to follow to ensure that your dental implants stay secure and effective for many Mardi Gras to come.

New Orleans Dental Implant Recovery Plan: Day 1

On the day of the dental implant procedure, you may experience some immediate discomfort despite being on local anesthesia. Dental implants can be painful at first, but with the right preparations and expectations, managing dental pain is simple and easy. While your mouth is still tender, make sure to remember the following instructions:

Treat Your Teeth With Care

Your teeth and mouth may feel sore to the touch. They may even be bleeding a bit from surgery. Remember to cover any bleeding with gauze and place fresh gauze in your mouth every 30 minutes.

Avoid Harmful Dental Practices

You may brush your teeth on the day of your surgery but be very gentle around the surgical site. Do not gargle mouthwash immediately after surgery and lightly swish saltwater only 24 hours after surgery.

Eat Smart After Dental Surgery

For most New Orleans natives, this will be the hardest instruction to follow. Many dentists advise only soft foods or even liquid diets in the days after surgery. Alcohol is also advised against immediately after surgery. That means lay off the daiquiris for a few days until you’re feeling 100%. When you do drink, try and avoid straws as the suction can be bad for your gums. We suggest avoiding hot foods and just eating soft foods like yogurt, soups, and milk shakes (treat yourself!). These restaurants have some of the best soups in New Orleans.

Manage Dental Pain the Right Way

Your dentist may prescribe you medicine to manage your dental pain. Make sure to follow their instructions and do not self medicate. Periodically apply ice to your face on top of the affected area and do not overexert yourself physically in anyway.

New Orleans Dental Implant Recovery Plan: Days 2 & 3

In the days after your dental implant surgery, the pain may get slightly worse and it is very important to keep track of your teeth’s health. The last thing you want is to require emergency dental services. However, if you do have an emergency in the New Orleans, Marrero, or Harvey area, remember that Southern Dental Care is always here for you. As you are recovering, continue to monitor any bleeding and be careful when you start to brush the tender area. It is normal to have pain during this period. There are other relatively normal post-surgery side effects including:

  • Stiff Jaw Muscles
  • Sore Throat
  • Dry Lips

After getting past the third day, your recovering should get a whole lot smoother.

New Orleans Dental Implant Recovery Plan: Weeks Ahead

Once you’ve made it past those few days after surgery, your recovery will be gradual. This is the fun part! Your tooth pain will continue to lessen and you can go back to eating and drinking your way through New Orleans. Your brand new tooth will go from being a burden to your favorite asset as you make your way through festival season. As before, continue to brush, floss, and attend routine dental checkups.

If you are experiencing any unnatural discomfort, remember to contact Southern Dental Care or your local dental provider.