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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Get the Facts on Teeth Cleaning: Why It is Important to Remove Plaque From Your Teeth

To take the best care of your teeth, routine check-ups are essential. You should visit a dentist every six months for an examination to determine if you have small cavities or gingivitis, and a dentist can also remove hardened plaque during this visit. Most individuals think that they remove all of the debris from their teeth while brushing and flossing, but a dentist always finds a small amount of plaque located between a patient’s teeth. It is difficult for you to see all of the spaces between your teeth where the food particles remain, but a dentist has magnifying devices to view your mouth. Consider having your routine New Orleans teeth cleaning appointment at Southern Dental Care and get professional care and commitment to your oral health that is hard to find.

Prevent Cavities, Gingivitis and Halitosis

You might wonder why it is important to have plaque removed from your teeth, but dental cleaning is the best way to prevent gum disease and cavities. When plaque remains on your teeth, it changes to a harder substance called tartar. This tartar contains bacteria that will destroy your tooth enamel while causing halitosis. In addition, the bacteria can enter your gum tissue to infect the roots of your teeth. When you use a toothbrush or floss to perform oral hygiene, there is always a small amount of debris left behind that requires removal by a dentist at Southern Dental Care.

Types of Procedures Used To Remove Plaque

A dentist can use different procedures to clean your teeth, including:

  • Scaling – removes hardened plaque and tartar that contain bacteria
  • Polishing – removes additional bacteria while smoothing each tooth’s surface
  • Debridement – removal of tartar and plaque with ultrasonic tools
  • Root planing – removing hardened calculus from the roots of your teeth

Patients do not need anesthesia for scaling or polishing, and these are the most common procedures used during your routine examinations. However, if you have neglected your teeth, then root planing or debridement is often required, and a dentist will numb your mouth or provide an anesthetic. If you take proper care of your teeth by brushing and flossing at least twice a day, then your dentist will only need to remove a tiny amount of plaque in a procedure that lasts a few minutes.

Maintain Your Beautiful Smile

Having plaque removed from your teeth will lead to having fresher breath and whiter teeth. When tartar is removed from your teeth, you are less likely to develop gum disease that leads to loss of teeth or dental root infections that require a root canal procedure. Instead of having ugly yellow plaque and tartar at the base of your teeth, you will have healthy and pink gum tissue that helps to create a gorgeous smile.

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At Southern Dental Care, you can enjoy a routine New Orleans teeth cleaning from one of our dentists, including:

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