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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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When patients hear the term “root canal,” they often respond by making an “ouch” face. However, if you ever experience signs that you need root canal treatment, there is no need to get stressed out by the prospect of this procedure. The removal is done with numbing agents to keep you comfortable, and the procedure is performed by experienced dental surgeons. This procedure entails a quick removal of the tooth’s nerve and its pulp, which is the small, thread-like tissue that helped your tooth develop.

Signs That You Need Root Canal Treatment

Patients who need root canals have damaged tooth nerves. When this happens, the lining tissue within the root canal of a tooth becomes infected, damaged, or inflamed. The root canal of a tooth contains that tooth’s nerves, blood vessels, and connecting tissues. You might be a good candidate for a root canal procedure if you regularly have:

— Constant, severe tooth pain, especially when chewing or adding pressure to gums

— Gum discoloration and or darkening of teeth

— Gum swelling or pimple-like swelling on the gums

— Lasting tooth pain after eating hot or cold food and beverages  

NOTE: Some root canal candidates might not experience any of these symptoms. This is no reason to be worried if your dentist has recommended a root canal. Whether you experience the pain mentioned above or not, remember that root canals are done to prevent further complications.

What’s the Procedure Like?

The root canal dental procedure is performed on teeth that are infected or starting to decay. It prevents a tooth that is causing pain from experiencing worse damage. During the procedure, the tooth’s nerves and pulp are removed. Once these are removed, the inside of the tooth is sealed and cleaned. While some patients fear that this procedure will be painful, the right dentists and equipment can help make things more comfortable. The pain a patient feels leading up to the procedure is often much greater than the mild post-op discomfort. After a root canal procedure, patients can expect to feel more comfort in their mouths.

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