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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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Six Month Braces: Discreet and Effective

How would you feel if there was a way to straighten your crooked teeth in just 6 months? While you may be thinking that it can’t be true, it is! The latest craze that has graced the dental scene is called Six Month Braces: discreet and effective. They are giving people the winning smiles that they’ve always deserved. Not only is the time frame something that most people can commit to, but they are also invisible and affordable. Now you have the opportunity to fix your teeth without the embarrassing metal braces on them.

If you’ve only known people who have had traditional braces, then you may be wondering how teeth can be straightened in such a small time frame. The six month braces utilize a unique technology that move teeth quickly and safely. They focus on moving mostly the teeth you see when you smile, so it is possible to straighten out your smile in that time frame.

Are Six Month Braces More Painful than Metal Braces?

You may also question if you’ll feel more pain than regular braces just because the teeth are moving quicker and there might be more force on the teeth. No, there is not more force acting out on your teeth. They do employ orthodontic procedures, but since they don’t focus on moving the position of your bite, you won’t feel much pain with them. They are mainly a cosmetic form of braces, putting the emphasis on beautifying your front teeth.

Are They Not As Safe as Metal Braces?

Another great aspect of the six month braces is that they are safe for your teeth, roots, and gums. Since the six month braces aren’t as forceful as traditional braces, the risk of root, tooth, or gum damage is lower. Plus, teeth are seldom extracted when using this method, so there’s even less pain and risk of infection.

Once the six month time period is over and your teeth are straighter than ever, you must wear a retainer in order to keep up the fantastic results. You have options available as to if you prefer to have a retainer that you can take out of your mouth as needed, or you can have a retainer that is bonded to your teeth. You don’t want to ruin the work that has occurred in your mouth, so wearing a retainer is very important. There are a variety of options for retainers available that match your unique preferences and situation.

Where Can You Find Six Month Braces?

If you are 16 or older and have minor spacing and/or crooked teeth, then you are a candidate for six month braces. At Southern Care Dental, they can give you even more information about this new and exciting Six Month Braces: discreet and effective. Most people have some sort of crookedness to their teeth just because the teeth can naturally get crowded when your molars and wisdom teeth come in. Maybe you have the opposite problem: your have a gap somewhere in your front teeth that you want filled. Now you can get these minor issues fixed without committing years of time. Make yourself look and feel 100% better when smiling with these affordable, modern braces. At Southern Dental Care, we focus on all kinds of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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