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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Soften Fine Lines Under Eyes… At The Dentist? 

Many people are surprised to discover that it’s currently possible to soften fine lines under eyes at the dentist. A trip to the dentist can do far more than give you brighter, whiter teeth and fresh-smelling breath. Dentists are now offering short, simple and entirely non-invasive treatments for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. These treatments are fast, relatively pain-free and capable of producing impressive improvements in the look and overall texture of the skin.

How These Treatments Work

There are many different reasons why fine lines and wrinkles develop as people age. Surprisingly, however, the most noticeable of these creases are often caused by facial expression. These wrinkles are called dynamic wrinkles and they form as tension gradually builds in the muscles responsible for facial expression. It’s not surprising then that most people see their very first wrinkles and fine lines right around their eyes. Muscles in this area are virtually guaranteed to move each time a new facial expression is made.

Revolutionary, injectable solutions can now be used to temporarily soften dynamic wrinkles around the eyes. These purified toxins, also known as neurotoxins, render the expressive muscles immobile by blocking the nerve signals that control their movement. As a result, built-up tension is released and dynamic wrinkles start to soften and relax.

What To Expect

At Southern Dental Care, wrinkle softening treatments tend to last about 20 minutes. Unlike other cosmetic procedures for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, these treatments are short and entirely non-invasive. This means that your provider will not need to make any incisions and no tissue removal will be performed. Instead, a short series of injections will be made across the targeted area using the selected treatment. Once these injections are complete, you will be immediately free to go and can resume your regular activities right away. Wrinkle softening treatments entail no downtime and apart from mild redness and swelling across the treated area, there are no uncomfortable after-effects.

These treatments performed by dermatologist, doctors and the highly trained dentists at Southern Dental Care typically last for about three to six months. After this time, the treated nerves and muscles will resume their functionality and the appearance of dynamic wrinkles will return. One of the major advantages of these temporary wrinkle treatments is the ability to naturally regain your former appearance. If you don’t like your results, you’ll only need to wait a short while for them to fade away. Best of all, your wrinkle softening treatments can be safely repeated twice each year. These procedures can even be conveniently scheduled on the same day as your regular tooth cleaning appointment. Botox treatments are very safe when performed by professionals and are used to treat many other conditions not just appearance.

Making an appointment to soften fine lines under eyes at the dentist is one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your appearance. Treatments like these are so easy and hassle-free that you could easily have them performed on your lunch break. Best of all, you can count on the same professionals that you’ve trusted with your oral health services to give you impressive results. Get in touch with Southern Dental Care and schedule your botox treatment with us today or call our office at 504-347-1014 to get more information!