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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Where to Go for Estelle Wisdom Tooth Removal?

At Southern Dental Care, we’re frequently removing wisdom teeth; it’s one of the most common surgeries we perform. Though our clinic is located in Marrero, we’re always happy to offer the residents of Estelle wisdom tooth removal when the time comes for it.

There are many reasons why you might need these teeth removed. Since your jaw only has so much space, wisdom teeth may push against your other teeth and damage your bite. They can also come out sideways, causing pain in your gums or jaw and possibly leading to gum disease. Even if they emerge without a problem, the risk for gum disease and cavities becomes greater because it can be hard to get your toothbrush and dental floss that far back. These teeth can also cause liquid-filled tumors, or cysts, to form and possibly affect your jawbone.

Standard Tooth Extraction

If your wisdom teeth have fully emerged, we’ll remove it in the same way we would other teeth. The most you’ll need is local anesthesia, which means we can treat the mouth with novocaine or have you inhale nitrous oxide. Tooth extraction is simple; we simply loosen up the tooth and pull it out with a pair of forceps.

Since the anesthesia numbs your mouth, you’ll feel some pressure but nothing else; there should be no pain. For about three days following surgery, however, you’ll likely experience a swelling of the gums. You’ll want to take Advil, Motrin, or anything else that contains a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

For Impacted Teeth

Wisdom teeth that have not fully emerged suffer from what’s called impaction. In some cases, the gums will still cover part of the teeth, and in others, a majority of the teeth can remain submerged in the jawbone. Regardless of the degree of impaction, it’s common not to have any symptoms right away. This can lull some people into thinking that they don’t need treatment right away, which would be a great mistake.

Removing an impacted tooth is more complicated and more painful, so local anesthesia may not cut it. In such cases, we can put patients to sleep either with nitrous oxide or through IV sedation. We’ll explain the treatment in detail before you undergo it. First, our dentist will make incisions in the gums and perhaps cut into the bone to reveal the rest of your wisdom tooth. She will break the tooth into several portions to minimize bone loss and pull them out. The cuts will be sewn shut with stitches, which may not have to be removed afterward (some stitches will naturally dissolve).

When the operation is done, you’ll most likely need an ice pack to reduce the swelling and tenderness in your face. If necessary, we’ll prescribe painkillers. Bleeding may continue, in which case we advise the use of gauze to stanch it. For several days, you’ll have to restrict your diet to soft foods like soups, oatmeal, and puddings. If you smoke, we recommend that you refrain from smoking for the first 24 hours. This is essential to prevent a condition called dry socket, or inflammation of the tooth socket due to loss of the protective blood clot.

Schedule a Consultation

During your first appointment with Dr. Lacey Andreotta, you’ll get an X-ray taken. We’ll be able to identify wisdom teeth before they even erupt. At that time, you’ll want to mention anything in your medical history that might affect the treatment. If you have an infection or a specific medical condition, we may prescribe an antibiotic before the surgery. We also advise that you find someone to drive you after the surgery, as the anesthesia can leave you feeling groggy.

Our dentist and her staff will put your mind at ease; we’re so experienced with Estelle wisdom tooth removal that we can tell you what to reasonably expect. When you’re ready, call us at 504-347-1014 and set up your consultation!