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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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The Various Services Provided by Dental Care Professionals

Oral health is as important as any other aspect of your life, and that is why getting quality dental care is essential to your quality of life. The same attention you pay to the other parts of your body and mind is the same one that the oral region warrants. Some of the dental problems that crop up are avoidable with timely and appropriate treatment, and that is available from dental health professionals in New Orleans like Southern Dental Care. It is recommended to have a family dentist who provides the various services and care you may need over time. However, do you know the basics that a trusted New Orleans dental care professional should offer?

Dental Examinations

Dental exams go a long way in curbing numerous preventable oral diseases that may affect a patient’s health. Some dental conditions get out of hand when individuals don’t get treatment soon enough, risks you can avoid by getting regular exams. Typically, taking tests twice a year is ideal, but dentists sometimes recommend more regular visits depending on several factors. The extent of an exam varies from one patient to another because of factors such as medical histories, diets, and genetic predispositions. Heart disease and diabetes are conditions associated with oral health, which is why it is wise to schedule regular dental visits.

Preventative/ Diagnostic Services

Besides examinations, dentists provide preventative and diagnostic services for patients such as full-mouth and periapical x-rays, fluoride treatments, and teeth cleaning. All these are services that can prevent the onset of various dental conditions, thereby, saving you from suffering and costly treatments later on. Of course, the diagnostic procedures that a dentist offers are dependent on the kind of dental care they specialize in.

Basic Dental Services

The definition of basic dental care is not a rigid one; and so, you may find one dentist that provides more than another one. To put it simply, though, basic services are those that don’t demand complex procedures. These include; root canal treatment, different types of fillings, pain relief care, bridgework, dental crown, and veneers. Carefully consider the basic service that a dentist provides when picking one for your family needs.

Major Dental Services

Dental care professionals also provide several major services that take more than a casual visit to the clinic to accomplish. Procedures such as dental implants, getting or repairing dentures, and oral surgery require extensive work. Some dental care professionals also provide cosmetic procedures of different kinds.

Patient Education

Besides diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions, you can expect to get patient education from a dental care professional. With the various risks posed to oral health, it is important for individuals to learn about proper care and preventative measures. Dentists have obligations to promote oral health, and that is made possible through patient education. For example, learning how to care for the oral health of a child is not easy, and providing such information goes a long way in avoiding common mistakes.

Dental care spans a wide scope and the services of a trusted New Orleans dental care professional will determine the type of attention your oral health gets. Establishing a “dental home” from an early age is essential, and that is why a picking a family dentist is advisable. If you are looking for a trustworthy and professional New Orleans dental care team, Southern Dental Care is the team for you. Get in touch with our offices at 504-347-1014 or you can fill out the form to the right of this page and a representative from Southern Dental Care will be in touch shortly!