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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Smile Brighter with Westwego Teeth Whitening

Are you tired of seeing yellowish teeth when you look into the mirror in the morning? You can smile brighter with Westwego teeth whitening appointment at Southern Dental Care. Do you find yourself worrying about how your discolored teeth may be affecting your work relationships or your personal relationships?

You can experience a beautiful white smile once again, and you can do it without the at home messy products that haven’t really achieved the results you want. The secret is that the teeth whitening at home products spread lies and make promises that they cannot keep. Your dentist offers solutions that work.

A bright, white smile is affordable, easy and 100 percent safe in your dental office. The benefits of a white smile are quick yet lasting.

  • Boost self-esteem and confidence- Having an attractive smile will boost your self-esteem and confidence daily.
  • Experience pleasure when you flash that smile- Knowing your smile is bright and white will bring you pleasure.
  • Enjoy seeing that old acquaintance or friend again that you have been avoiding- Why avoid people when you look and feel great?
  • Stop embarrassment over your dull, yellowish smile – Replace embarrassment with being proud of that smile.
  • Eliminate ugly stains – yellow marks can be removed quickly.
  • Improve relationships – You will be amazed to see the results of a smiling face. Your smile will improve your workplace and your personal life.

Why Professional Whitening?

The comparison between at-home whitening treatments and a professional dental whitening treatment is important to consider. Sensitivity can be experienced as a result of abrasive at-home whitening toothpaste. The ingredients may cause a sensitivity that you previously had not experienced. Gel strips require 10 to 20 days of use to achieve gradual results. The whitening trays are not customized to fit correctly and they miss key areas. They also may rub and irritate your gums.

The excess use of whiteners can create damage to the enamel. Having your teeth whitened professionally will ensure that they are whitened without the excess use of products. Professional cosmetic dentistry provides the best whitening results with the safest products available.

Over-the-counter products may produce limited results, but professional whitening treatments produce significant results. Professionals use more effective products that achieve whiter, brighter smiles, because their products have a greater concentration of whitening agents. The professional application will be given along with close monitoring of sensitive areas in your mouth.

Professional whitening produces great results in one short visit. A customized whitening treatment plan can be provided only by your dentist, and this will ensure that you achieve and maintain a beautiful white smile. Your dentist will also provide you with knowledge and access to additional cosmetic options that would further enhance your smile.

If you would like to experience a whiter, brighter smile, we recommend Westwego teeth whitening procedure at Southern Dental Care. Outstanding results are experienced in only one visit, and a consultation will give you the helpful hints and ongoing strategy that is needed to maintain your bright new look. Get in touch with us and get back to smiling!