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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Woodmere Dentures at Southern Dental Care

When it comes to Woodmere dentures, you have plenty of options, so let our dentist at Southern Dental Care help you sort through them. Our practice is located in Marrero, and we can schedule a convenient appointment over the workweek with you.

If you want dentures for the entire upper or lower gum, that means we’ll create complete dentures. If you only have a few missing teeth in a row, that would call for partial dentures. In either case, you can either go with a permanent (that is, surgically implanted) option or a removable option. We’ll first describe the permanent dentures.

Bridges and Implants

A dental bridge is a fixed partial denture consisting of a row of artificial teeth flanked on both sides by dental crowns, which go over the adjacent teeth. In many cases, our dentist will scrape away enamel from these adjacent teeth so that the crowns can fit. As for the artificial teeth, you have a choice in materials: we can make them from gold, silver, or porcelain. (It would be good to get teeth whitening before any denture procedure.) The bridge will be surgically bonded to the gums, though you may still have to come in for readjustments so that you have a comfortable bite.
Implants are another permanent option; instead of being held together by crowns, these cement the teeth into the gums via titanium posts. If you just have one missing tooth, this would be the way to go. Permanent dentures come with specific cleaning instructions – it’s required that you clean under the artificial teeth – but we’ll explain them thoroughly.

Removable Dentures

These are the types you might be most familiar with. Artificial teeth are placed on an acrylic base, sometimes reinforced with metal, and colored to match your gums. You can choose to have the teeth made from gold, silver, porcelain, or an alloy. This base is then attached to your gums with a metal clasp. Another option, however, is the precision attachment, which uses interlocking mechanical components for durable results. Precision attachments only work as partial dentures because, like bridges, they’re supported by crowns on both sides.

As with fixed dentures, we’ll instruct you on how to maintain these dentures. Before going to bed each night, remove the dentures (otherwise, they’ll push up against your gums and increase the chance of gum disease), keep them in a cleansing solution, and brush the teeth when necessary. In the early stages, you’ll need to stay away from hard or sticky foods.

These dentures will feel unwieldy at first, but after several more visits, where we adjust the dentures, you’ll get accustomed to them. Our dentist will address any pressure points and also make provisions for continual bone loss in the gums. If the base or one of the teeth breaks, you can always come in for repairs.

Teeth Extraction

At Southern Dental Care, we recommend that you get dentures as soon as possible after teeth are knocked out because the adjacent teeth will gradually drift into that gap and create a change in your bite. In the end, it can lead to temporomandibular disorders and also cause your face to sag.

If a tooth is too damaged for repairs or simply in the way, you’ll first need an extraction. Whenever we perform extraction, we fit our patients with what are called immediate dentures; these are temporary dentures that will help you retain your bite and facial structure while the gums heal.

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During your consultation, we can discuss the price of Woodmere dentures as well as your medical history. Contact Southern Dental Care today to get started!