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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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Dentist in Westwego, LA, for Oral Cancer Screening

Southern Dental Care Can Be Your First Line of Defense Against Oral Cancer

dentist in westwego la oral cancer screeningOur dentist in Westwego, LA, takes your oral health seriously. We believe that early detection is a key part of how preventive dentistry works. That’s why every dental exam includes an oral cancer screening. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, this screening performed by a trained dentist is an opportunity to catch oral cancer in its early stages.

Patients Appreciate Our State-of-the-Art Technology

While some dentists still conduct oral cancer screenings without using advanced technology, we use the OralID light for every dental screening. This special fluorescent light, which is the size of a small flashlight, can locate abnormal tissue undetectable to the human eye. OralID sends a blue light into your oral cavity, turning normal tissue a bright green. A dark area displayed can mean the presence of abnormal tissue.

We know that early detection of oral cancer is the key to successful treatment. That’s why our screening is a crucial part of caring for your overall oral health.

Your Oral Cancer Screening at Southern Dental Care Is Thorough

Checking for signs of oral cancer should always be part of your routine dental checkup. Indeed, a thorough oral examine can mean the difference between catching cancer in time to treat it or not. Because of this, we take your exam very seriously.

Our dentists always make sure to check your mouth thoroughly. Overall, your dentist at Southern Dental Care will do a careful examination of all your oral tissues, including the areas around your lips, cheeks, tongue, roof, and floor of your mouth. In short, you can rest easy knowing your important oral health is in good hands with our expert dental team.

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Contact a friendly, helpful staff member by calling 504.347.1014 or clicking here for our online appointment form. Your complete dental exam includes the oral cancer screening, a full set of x-rays, intraoral pictures, and a personalized consultation with Dr. Andreotta or Dr. Garrity.

In addition to our comprehensive range of preventive dentistry, Southern Dental Care also offers many treatment options for cosmetic and restorative dentistry. We invite you to take advantage of our 100% complimentary Southern Dental Care 6 Month Smile Consult as well as our free Southern Dental Implants Consultation. Call 504.347.1014 or click here to learn more.

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