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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Why Do I Need Dental Implants?

If you live in Marrero, Harvey, or another New Orleans suburb, you may be asking yourself, “Why do I need dental implants?” For many people in Marrero, and across the country, dental implants can seem like a lengthy, costly process. However, the benefits of dental implants far outweigh the costs of unhealthy teeth and gums. One of the main problems is that you may not know if you need dental implants unless you get regular dental checkups and monitor your oral health.

Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Whether your dentist is at Southern Dental Care or another practice in the Marrero area, there are countless dental procedures that you may be interested in researching. If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, it’s possible to get a bridge or dentures, but you won’t have the lasting benefits of dental implants. Implants replace tooth roots and create a foundation to build strong teeth that match your smile. Dental implants have a variety of distinct advantages including:

Better Oral Health

Dental implants don’t disrupt other teeth in the same way that bridges and dentures do. Each implant can stand on its own, allowing for easier cleaning and enhanced overall health.

Shinier Smiles

With every repaired tooth, your smile gets better and better. Replacing damaged or unhealthy teeth can lead to higher confidence and well-being. Dental implants can also be designed to match your teeth color, so your new teeth only enhance your existing smile.

Tooth Pain Relief

For people with poor oral health, missing teeth can lead to a lot of pain, especially when it comes to eating hard foods. Dental implants take the stress off of your teeth and gums by spreading out pressure and reducing chewing pains.

Despite being the perfect candidate for dental implants, we understand if you may be a little concerned about the implant process.

Are Dental Implants The Best Solution?

Although there are different procedures to fix broken or missing teeth, dental implants work best with the most lasting effects. On average, dental implants have a success rate of about 98% with proper care. They can dramatically change your life. Different procedures may vary, but typically the entire process takes around 3 months. This may seem like a long time for a dental procedure, but once it is properly secured, a dental implant can remain in your mouth for decades with normal cleaning.

Dental Implant Consultation

Make sure you consult with your dentist to see if dental implants are right for you. If you are a Southern Dental Care patient, Dr. Andreotta will walk you through your personalized health plan. You will get an in-depth understanding of the implant procedure, cost, timeline, and recovery.

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, remember to contact Souther Dental Care for all your dental services