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Many want to know how to have picture-perfect white teeth. A white smile could help a patient be more confident in both their personal and professional lives. When a patient feels their smile isn’t white enough, they often seek help because they want their smile to shine. While choosing to quit smoking, drink less coffee, or improve your diet might help, there are plenty of “quick-fixes” you can try if you want whiter teeth.

How to Have Picture-Perfect White Teeth

Use a Straw — Coffee, alcohol, and sugary sodas are common culprits behind yellow teeth. Yet avoiding these drinks is hard when we’re running out the door after little sleep and really want a cup of coffee. By drinking these beverages through a straw, you can still enjoy drinking them while not affecting your white teeth. It’s important to note, however, that straws should only be used by a healthy or fully-healed mouth. Straws should be avoided by anyone who has recently had dental surgery or any other oral extraction. Straws may be harmful in these situations, because they can rupture one’s stitches or worsen their wounds.

Try Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar has a ton of health benefits. It can also help remove stains from your teeth. Apple cider vinegar is a powerful agent for removing major dental stains caused by coffee and nicotine. With its pH balance, chemical components (magnesium, potassium, acetic acid, and enzymes), and acidity, it can break down plaque, tartar, and yellowness. Using your finger, apply a little apple cider vinegar to your teeth and let it sit for about a minute. After that, rinse the vinegar away for a whiter smile.

DISCLAIMER: Although apple cider vinegar can give you white teeth, some consider it a controversial method that may actually erode your enamel. Please use this method in moderation and consult with your dentist first.

Get Professional Help — When at-home remedies aren’t enough, Southern Dental Care is here to help. Our whitening services use strong bleaching agents that only dentists are able to offer. These agents are made with higher bleach concentrations for longer-lasting whiteness. While at-home whitening tricks might produce quality results, they might not last as long. Besides, these solutions are safe and much cleaner than most at-home remedies.

Why Not Use Over-the-Counter Tooth Whiteners?

The bleaching components in drugstore whiteners are high in chlorine dioxide, which wears down tooth enamel and puts you at risk for tooth decay. Over-the-counter tooth whiteners also only produce short-term results. These whiteners are only allowed to be sold at drugstores because they have a lower bleach concentration. Therefore, they won’t last as long as the highly-concentrated whitening treatments done at the dentist’s office.

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