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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Get Marrero Dentures that Look & Feel Real at Southern Dental 

If you are looking for Marrero dentures that look & feel real then check out Southern Dental Care. Dentures do not have to be a thing to fear now of days; with complete or even partial dentures look and feel like your real teeth, leaving you with a health smile and more self-confidence. With new technology advancements, ordinary and necessary tasks like chewing are easier with the new construction of dentures, but they do require some getting used to like all new things.

It is imperative to fill in the gaps of missing teeth, in order to have a healthy and confident smile. When your teeth are missing, the teeth you have remaining may shift into the gaps and become crooked, causing more pain and even more dental work to be required.

What kind of Dentures are There?

As previously mentioned, the top two kinds of dentures are full and partial sets; but even these break down into smaller categories. Classic standard dentures are what people typically think of when they think oral tooth fillers – teeth on a base, that are pushed in to cover the gums. A less permanent fixture are immediate dentures, these are more likely to have to be replaced. Implants, are just that, retained dentures that sit on the gums and are held in place by implants. Overdentures are similar to implants because they sit over the metal inserts that are placed into the gums. Finally, traditional dentures come in varying phases because they follow extractions of gum and bone.

What are the Differences between Dentures and Partials?

Dentures are what people commonly think of when they hear oral tooth fillers or false teeth. These sets are often referred to as “complete” or “conventional” dentures that are made in advance and can be used as soon as the teeth are removed.

Partials, on the other hand, are bridges or removable dentures that replace removed teeth, when only a few need to be removed. These types of oral tooth fillers, usually have the replacement teeth attached to a base that is colored to look and match your gum color. Then a frame of metal connects the base and the teeth, allowing the partial to be adhered to your natural teeth by a metal fastener. By using a partial denture, it helps prevent the remaining natural teeth from shifting.

If you want to know more about affordable dentures, read a previous blog post about the topic.

Get Back to Smiling at Southern Dental Care

By coming to Southern Dental for your Marrero dentures that look & feel real you are making a great choice. Their dental professionals offer quality restorative, cosmetic, and preventative dental treatments with a kind smile and gentle hand. Making you feel comfortable with your procedure and results is their number one priority. Are you worried about the cost? Insurance often does cover some or all of the denture work and creation. If you are in the Marrero area and are looking for dentures that look and feel like your real, natural teeth, then call Southern Dental today, and let them help you find the best option for you. Southern Dental Care handles all every kind cosmetic dentistry procedure.


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