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Same-Day Consultations Available!

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New Orleans Dentist Whitening Procedure 

Everyone wants a beautiful smile! People with, white teeth are perceived as healthy and attractive. Your smile is your first impression, and this has become widely known in business and social circles. Teeth whitening has become very popular, and many do-it-yourself varieties for whitening have appeared on the market. That said, there is no substitute for a whitening treatment offered by a New Orleans dentist whitening procedure at Southern Dental Care.

Why See a Dentist Instead of DIY?

A dentist uses a stronger bleaching agent to whiten teeth. Under skilled professionals, this is perfectly safe and long-lasting. Protective measures are taken by the dental team to ensure that no chemicals or bleaching agents touch the skin or harm the enamel.

How Do Teeth Become Discolored?

Each person has teeth a bit different in shading. Genetics will affect dental thickness and vulnerability to discoloring. The color of teeth is dependent on various factors, everything from genetics, health, nutrition, lifestyle, braces and more. If the enamel is rough, like a matte surface, there is little reflection, which changes the perceived color. Tooth enamel actually contains tiny pores. Over time, the pores pick up and hold stains. Poor hygiene and smoking contribute to stained teeth but these are not the only culprits. With age, the enamel naturally thins, and the dentin appears darker.

How is a Professional Whitening Procedure Done?

It is important to have teeth cleaned and repaired before a whitening. After that is accomplished, a dentist will probably take a photograph of your teeth first. This is important to see shades of difference in the whitening process. A substance to protect your gums will be applied first. Then the whitening gel will be put on the teeth. A gel containing a percentage of hydrogen peroxide is the most commonly used whitening agent. The gel is applied and a laser light activates the chemicals and causes the whitening to intensify faster. Sometimes the process takes several appointments if the teeth are badly stained, or the dentist may suggest you have a custom-made mouthpiece and apply the gel regularly at home for optimal results.

Are There Side Effects to a Whitening Procedure?

There are very few. The whitening may make teeth more sensitive for a short time. Gums may become a bit irritated, as well. Pregnancy is not the time to whiten teeth, as the effects of certain chemicals on the unborn are not known. If you feel you would like to whiten your teeth safely and effectively, please call Southern Dental Care for a New Orleans dentist whitening procedure.

Your smile is your first impression! Get back to smiling by booking your whitening appointment at Southern Dental Care or filling out the Schedule an Appointment form to the right of this post!