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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Whenever you’re looking for a medical professional, it’s a difficult choice. No matter if you’re picking just for yourself, or for your entire family, you likely have a lot of worthwhile concerns. And just looking up “Best Dentist” doesn’t cut it anymore in 2015. Instead, you should be ready to ask your dentist questions to ensure that your care is going to be adequate, and their staff is ready for all of your needs.

Here’s our advice on the questions you should be asking to find the perfect Marrero dentist for your situation.

What Areas Do You Specialize In?

There are hundreds to thousands of dental procedures – while your dentist may have heard of all of them, it’s unlikely that they’ve performed every single one.

This is why facilities with multiple dentists, or dental teams, can be the better choice for your needs. Since there are more dentists on staff, they can have a more varied about of specialties, including everything from minimally invasive braces to Botox to dentures.

Do They Accept My Insurance?

Reputable dental providers will often accept a wide variety of insurance providers, since they’re well-known within the community. They’re also typically in-network for many of the main insurance providers in Louisiana. If you’re interested in whether or not Southern Dental Care accepts your insurance, you can check our complete list here.

What Are Others Saying about this Marrero Dentist?

This question, rather than asking them directly, should be asked by you. There’s various ways to seek the answer, starting with friends and family. Beyond that, make sure to research various websites online along with their Facebook page, to ensure positive reviews.

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