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Everyone knows that having dental insurance is a good idea but not everyone knows the answer to this question: What does dental insurance cover exactly? While the specifics of dental insurance will vary from provider-to-provider, there are some basic guidelines that apply to all dental plans.

Preventative and Diagnostic Care

Most dental plans cover these procedures, but others may require that you pay a small payment. The types of procedures that generally fall into this category include: 

• Checkups
• Fluoride Treatments
• X-rays
• Routine Cleanings
• Among other procedures that prevent (or detect) gum disease and tooth decay

Most plans pay for two checkups and cleanings per year. This is to prevent the next level of care, known as basic care. Depending on the costs of these services, dental insurance could potentially save you up to $400 a year on preventative and diagnostic care.

Basic Care

You could receive up to 80 percent of coverage with these procedures. Basic care consists of procedures that are routine and fairly common among people who do not take care of their teeth as well as they should. Some examples of basic care include extractions and fillings. Depending on the insurance provider, some dental plans will cover surgeries, such as root canals.

Major Dental Care

It is a misconception that dental insurance does not cover major procedures and care; this will vary from plan-to-plan. If major dental care is covered, there is typically a waiting period before your provider will cover the cost of care. This is to ensure you do not sign up for a plan and cancel the insurance once you have had the procedure done. Some examples of major dental care that dental insurance could potentially cover include braces, implants, dentures, and various types of surgeries.

What is Not Covered?

If you need cosmetic surgery done, dental insurance does not typically cover these services. These procedures are listed under orthodontic services, which your insurance provider is not required to cover. Whitening and veneers are examples of cosmetic procedures.

When it pertains to insurance, you, like many people, may want to know what does dental insurance cover exactly. To find out the answer to that question, you will need to thoroughly research a dental plan before choosing a provider.


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