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Same-Day Consultations Available!

7301 Westbank Expy., Marrero, LA 70072

Dental Implants New Orleans

The dental implants New Orleans area patients receive from us are the best in the area! Just check our reviews!

Despite modern advances in dental care and hygiene, many people still suffer from severe tooth decay and periodontal disease, or experience injury or trauma that lead to a loss of one tooth or of multiple teeth. For those who are unfortunate enough to have experienced the loss of a tooth, our office offers dental implants New Orleans area residents greatly appreciate, that can give you back the smile you’ve been missing. Say goodbye to slipping, annoying dentures and welcome the permanence of dental implants that provide security and return your smile to what it once was. During your dental implant procedure with us we take extra steps to assure you are as comfortable as possible and experience as little pain as possible.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed and enable better security and improved appearance. They also offer better functionality and do not cause slipping or slurring as you speak, whereas dentures do. Additionally, there is no additional care needed for dental implants. Simply treat them as if they were normal teeth. Dentures require special treatment and care, as well as additional costs on cleaner and adhesives, that can become a hassle over a long period of use. Regain your smile, and most importantly your confidence, with our dental implant services.

The Process

Local anesthesia is used throughout the entirety of the procedure and in most cases, patients only experience slight pain and discomfort. While not every dental implant requires the same procedure, most require the removal of the root of the damaged or former tooth. Then, a titanium post is drilled into the bone socket where the missing tooth once was. Upon the completion of this step, the patient must heal for 6-12 months so the implant can securely bond to the jaw. Once the patient heals, an additional connector post is attached to the previous post so that a tooth can be secured to it. The false tooth, also known as a crown, is made by your dentist using impressions taken of another tooth. This helps to mimic the size and shape of the teeth in your mouth. The dentist will also color the crown correctly so it matches your other teeth.

After the Procedure


After the surgeries, you will likely experience mild pain and soreness in your jaw and surrounding the area where the implant was placed. Treat pain and discomfort with over-the-counter pain medications like Tylenol or Motrin.


Care for your dental implant the same way you do your normal teeth (i.e. use floss, brush teeth, and use antibacterial mouthwash). If you are more prone to tooth decay, make sure to schedule frequent appointments with your dentist to monitor the condition of your implant and the health of your other teeth. If cared for correctly, dental implants can last a lifetime.

If you are interested in dental implants, visit our dental implant service page or connect with us via our contact page!